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12 Dec, 2018

Why being financially fit is more important than being wealthy

People can be wealthy without being financially fit. You may have an asset like your house but this does not necessarily make you financially fit from an income point of view. Do you know the difference between being financially fit and/or wealthy? So if you are married and your biggest asset is your home with […]

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5 Dec, 2018

Family Protection for Parents Made Easy

We know how difficult it is to have to think about life insurance but we also know the importance of it especially in times of a crisis. Protecting your family from sudden illness and untimely death in the family is the best way to safeguard their future. Life insurance puts a plan in place that […]

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23 Oct, 2018

Single, Joint and Dual life insurance explained

Are you confused with all the different types of life insurance that is available to you? We have explained below single, joint and dual life insurance. Single life insurance A single life cover is for one life only. The benefit is paid when this person dies to the persons declared beneficiary. This is normally done […]

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