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About oomph

Oomph.ie was set up to make purchasing life assurance an easy and convenient experience and yet attain the most competitive prices available from the main six providers of life assurance in Ireland. We only use reputable, main brand life assurance companies in Ireland and can usually attain discounted or price promise prices from them. The oomph rate quoted will be a discounted or price promise cost from one of the 6 main life assurance providers. However until you get your personalised quotation we cannot establish which company will offer you the best available rate.

Oomph is designed with the understanding that not everyone wants a Financial Adviser when purchasing Life Assurance and yet wants the ability to get independent advice making sure you get the best available rate. As we are a 24 hour website you choose when and where you buy your cover, at home, while travelling, weekends or late in the evenings.

We hope that we have made the purchase of competitively costed life assurance or mortgage protection assurance as easy as possible by using our three easy steps:

  1. Use our FAQ’s and case studies to establish how much life assurance you need
  2. Get your personalised quotation
  3. Apply online

However, we also recognise that you may want some additional information and our qualified advisers are available via ‘online chat’ or phone if you want more detailed advice.

Oomph.ie do not handle any client financial transactions and all transactions will be between you and whichever one of the 6 main brand providers you decide to get cover with by monthly or annual direct debit. You choose the method that suits you best.

We have tried to make the purchase of life cover as easy as possible and added as much information as possible without a “financial jargon overload” but if you have any feedback on how we can improve our service we would be delighted with your feedback.

Oomph is a registered name of Orca Financial Ltd. Orca Financial Ltd is authorised by The Central Bank of Ireland. Registered number C35872

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