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13 Mar, 2018

New website wants to put a bit of Oomph into your life insurance search

Oomph.ie talks all about life insurance

The duo behind established financial brokerage company Orca have branched into life insurance with a new website.

John Molloy and Sarah McGrurruin have set up Oomph.ie to offer cover from the six main insurance providers. These are Irish Life, New Ireland, Friends First, Zurich, Royal London and Aviva. In addition, they hope to target the near 500,000 families in Ireland without life insurance.

Customers have to simply input their details into Oomph.ie. After that, they can access up-to-date information on policy types and levels of cover available. They can also see stories of people like them and what they pay.

Get life insurance online with Oomph.ie’s jargon-free website. You can use the FAQ section or web chat feature if you need assistance.

Extra.ie Article

When Molloy spoke to Extra.ie, he said life insurance is ‘normally cheaper than individuals realise’.  For example, a couple in their mid-40s can attain €250,000 coverage over 10 years for around €15 per week.

‘In our business we see the benefits of having protection in place far too regularly when we receive calls from a remaining partner making claims on policies,’ he said.

‘The loss of a partner or parent is a very traumatic event but to know there is financial stability for a family going forward because of advice we provided can be rewarding.’

In conclusion, the company wants to appeal to the 500,000 Irish families without life insurance.

In researching the market, Molloy found people often confused a mortgage protection policy with a family protection policy. Therefore. a website would be the best way to encourage more people to ‘protect themselves from this type of financial stress’.

‘A couple can get insured by us with a policy documentation issued if there are is no significant medical history,’ he said

‘Naturally, we are constantly timing the process if purchasing life insurance. Our fastest time is 50 minutes. The lady bought mortgage insurance.’

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Article featured in Extra.ie by George Morahan