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22 Jun, 2018

Some top tips in this hot weather

It’s great to experience some very nice weather this week so here are a few top tips in this hot weather!

Beware of the sun

Always wear sun cream when exposed to the sun, even if it appears overcast outside. You really don’t want to be rocking the lobster look! Sun burn greatly increases the risk of melanoma, the most fatal kind of skin cancer.

Stay hydrated

Whether you’re hiking in the Wicklow Mountains or bopping along at a music festival, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This will help your heart and muscles to work efficiently, as well as reducing the risk of sunstroke.

Avoid insect bites

Pick up a decent repellent to avoid nasty bug bites. Believe us, you don’t want to spend the summer being irritated by itchy bites. TMB have a variety of high-quality repellents and bug bands to keep insects at bay.

Be careful when swimming

Sadly about a third of all drownings in Ireland are alcohol related so never drink if you intend on swimming. Having alcohol in your system when you enter cold water can lead to serious issues such as disorientation, difficult breathing and hypothermia – not to be taken lightly.

Protect your phone

If you’re heading to the beach or an outdoor pool, invest in a decent waterproof case for your smart phone. This will keep it totally dry, while still allowing you to make calls, use your apps and take those all-important sun-soaked selfies.

Avoid food poisoning

Enjoying a barbecue or picnic is one of the best things about the summer months but make sure you cook food thoroughly through to avoid food poisoning. Bacteria like salmonella, e.coli and listeria grow much faster at warmer temperatures so store perishable foods in a cooler bag or box.

Don’t drink too much

If you’ve got tickets for any of the fantastic Irish festivals this year, pace yourself when it comes to drinking. Don’t waste your money on an experience you’re only going to forget. Consuming large amounts of alcohol in the sun is a dangerous mix and puts you at a much greater risk of accidents or illness.

Be prepared

It’s Ireland so don’t be surprised if you experience a freak shower or sudden change in weather. Always bring a jacket with you just in case it turns chilly or rains. If you’re camping, make sure you bring a spare change of clothes and plenty of dry socks.

Entertain children

Sunday drives are a staple component of many Irish childhoods. Give your kids some child-safe headphones so they can enjoy music and games in the backseat. Travelshop.ie have a great selection of productsto make travelling with children nice and easy, like tasty travel pops that prevent car-sickness. Always keep a first aid kit in your car in case someone has an accident.

Mind your feet

Off on a hiking trip? Invest in a decent pair of boots in the right size and make sure you wear these in well before any big excursions. The last thing you want is your exciting day out ruined because of painful arches or blistered heels.

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