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15 Nov, 2017

A Recent Reinsurance Customer Survey in Ireland: Life Insurance The Results and Truths

Whilst at a recent Life Insurance seminar, the following statistics were given from a reinsurer’s customer survey in Ireland. The results illustrated the distrust of consumers on the insurance markets and some misunderstandings. Insurers in Ireland have a very high claims history with over 97% of death claims paid.

Some of the life insurance findings quoted were as follows:

Finding 1- Only 18% of people believe more than 80% of death claims are paid


The actual figure is 97% of death claims are paid in Ireland with most companies closer to the 99% mark. The very small percentage of those declined is due to non-disclosure of a previously diagnosed medical condition. Another factor is smokers claiming to be non-smokers. Remember if you smoke, you smoke. It does not matter if it’s one a month or twenty a day to the insurance companies. The question is clear; “Have you smoked in the last 12 months?” It is very important to answer this correctly.

Smokers are charged almost double for life assurance and although tempting for an occasional smoker to claim to be a non-smoker, there is no point in putting false information on the proposal form. You are better off taking out half the cover at the same cost rather than the high risk of a claim being turned down due to being a smoker. New Ireland insurance still offer non-smoker rates to Electronic Cigarette users and users of vapour’s but if the trend continues this may not be for long. If you smoke e-cigarettes or vapours it is well worth considering availing of these rates that may not continue.

Finding 2- Only 7% believe that more than 90% of death life insurance claims are paid.


97% of claims to date are paid so this 7% of those surveyed are right. Unfortunately, it means that the other 93% were misinformed and felt that the claims history was a lot worse than it is.

Finding 3- 58% of people believe life insurance claims are declined for non-disclosure.

Again Correct

Claims are and will continue to be declined for non-disclosure so it is imperative that all information is disclosed on the proposal form. If in any doubt, please ask our advisers for clarification.

Finding 4- 14% believe insurers always try to avoid paying claims.


Of the six main providers of Life Assurance in the country, the underwriters and claims department always try their utmost to pay a claim. No company wants to be seen not to pay claims in particular due to the circumstances of the claims. Our experience when dealing with claims has always been positive as the companies consistently try to make the payments in as quick a manner as possible with great regard for the deceased remaining family or estate.

If you have any questions regarding life assurance or would like to know information about which policy options are available, chat with one of our Oomph advisors today.