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7 Aug, 2018

Life Insurance – Did You Know!

People are taking out life insurance to protect their families for the future.

Most people take out a policy between the ages of 35-44 with an average income under €40k.

Opinions.ie, The Research Agency conducted a survey based on 300 respondents nationally. It is so easy and affordable to take out life insurance providing peace of mind for the future.

Here are some of the findings.

  • The majority of people are between the ages of 35-44 with an average income under €40k.
  • A further 20% of people take out life Insurance between the age of 25-35 and 22% between the ages of 45-54.
  • Females invest in it slightly more than males at 53%, living in Dublin and married with 1-2 children.
  • Most people are working fulltime (60%) and living in an urban area (65%).
  • Family’s having home insurance at 42% with the majority 44% not taking out life insurance but have health insurance at 36%.
  • 75% know what life insurance is but 36% do not have plans to purchase it.
  • 53% think it is too expensive.
  • 41% do not know how long the cover will last their dependants.
  • 53% are women and 47% men.
  • 34% in Greater Dublin, 26% in the rest of Leinster and 26% in Munster.
  • 28% singles and 66% married.
  • 61% work full-time and another 12% part-time.
  • 65% live in urban areas.
  • 32% live in households with under €40K income, and mean household income for the sample is €60,880.

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