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2 May, 2018

Did you know that we are a life Insurance Broker for the Top 6 Providers in Ireland?

Great news, we get the best rates on the market and that means the best rates for you.

Working with the best of Irish Life Insurance means that we are able to negotiate great deals for you. At Oomph,  provide you with the best options available. We are also a life insurance broker that provides 5 other companies.

We work continuously with the Top six providers. There are Zurich Life Insurance, Irish Life, New Ireland, Aviva, Friends First and Royal London.

As a life insurance broker, here are some of the deals that we have got our clients in the past.

  • Emily is a 32 year administrator on an income of €45,000, she is a smoker and is buying her first property.  Her mortgage is €165,000 over a 35 year term. In order to satisfy the lenders requirements, they need a mortgage protection policy. The policy she needed had to be put in place over 30 years. Instead of taking the quote provided by the lender, Emily was able to get a far more competitive price. Through Oomph, she will potentially save €000’s of the term of her mortgage. Emily took out a mortgage protection policy for €165,000 over a 35 year term at a premium of €20.43pm.
  • Andy is aged 30 and is a non smoker. The mother of his recently born child and him are separated. He wants to ensure that should something happen to him, his child will be financially looked after.He decided to take out life assurance cover of €300,000 for a 25 year term period at the cost of €21.05 per month.
  • John and Linda are both non-smokers. John is a 43 year old builder earning €40,000 per annum while his wife, who is 45 years earns 32,000 per annum working in marketing. They have two daughters aged 10 and 12.They decided to take out a convertible term life policy for €350,000 for the next 15 years until their youngest daughter reaches the age of 25. Their policy costs €59.50 per month


We have helped many other customers in all sorts of scenarios and have even got Life Insurance without taking a medical exam. Contact us today to get the best quote on the market.