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5 Dec, 2018

Family Protection for Parents Made Easy

We know how difficult it is to have to think about life insurance; however, we also know the importance of it especially in times of a crisis. Family protection from sudden illness and untimely death in the family is the best way to safeguard their future.

Life Insurance

Life insurance puts a plan in place that will financially secure the family if you die. This is one of the best family protections. The family could receive a lump sum if you suffer from serious illness in specific plans. It can provide you with income for a certain period of time if you suffer an illness or injury.

Life insurance is like health and car insurance protecting you in the event anything was to happen. This gives you family protection. Life insurance gives you the same peace of mind. You get a structured, specific and affordable plan from us. We work with the top six brokers in Ireland. Our main intention is to alleviate any stress and lighten the financial burden for your family.

Depending on your circumstances and what you need, there are different policies. Life insurance is a plan put in place to protect your family. You will receive a lump sum if there is a sudden death of a spouse or family member. This does not cover you for your entire life; therefore, it is why it is cheaper that whole-of-life cover.

Specified illness protects you and gives your family a lump sum if you were to suffer from a specified illness covered on your plan. It aims to help you pay your bills and mortgage/rent for a period of time. However, it does not protect you if you become unemployed.

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