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Stephen & Laura

Stephen and Laura are both 39 years old and non-smokers. Laura earns €55,000 a year while Stephen €35,000 per year. They have three children aged 6,8 and 10.

They took out €500,000 cover on Laura and €300,000 on Stephen for 19 years costing €55.91 per month.

Peter & Barbara

Peter and Barbara are both 41 years old and are non-smokers. Peter earns €38,000 while his wife, Barbara earns €42,000 per year. They have three children aged 13, 12 and 11.

They took out a life policy on both of them for €300,000 over a 10 year term costing €42.80 per month.

John & Linda

John and Linda are both non-smokers. John is a 43 year old builder earning €40,000 per annum while his wife, who is 45 years earns 32,000 per annum working in marketing. They have two daughters aged 10 and 12.

They decided to take out a convertible term life policy for €350,000 for the next 15 years until their youngest daughter reaches the age of 25. Their policy costs €59.50 per month.

Conor & Deirdre

Conor, aged 44 and Deirdre, aged 42 are married. They have a daughter and a son aged 14 and 10. Conor earns €70,000 per year working in Finance and Deirdre earns €52,000 working as a PR manager.

They took out a life assurance policy covering them both for €500,000 over 11 years until their youngest reaches the age of 21. Cost €77.15 per month.

Alan & Jane

Alan is 41 years old and his wife, Jane is 39. They are both non-smokers and have two sons, aged 10 and 8. Jane earns €53,000 per annum as a HR manager and Alan looks after the children at home full time.

They took out €400,000 on Jane and €200,000 on Alan over 13 years until their youngest son reaches the age of 21. Their monthly cost is €77. 15.