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25 Apr, 2018

Getting Married – You need Life Insurance (This Is Why?)

Life Insurance is something that should not be forgotten about when getting married.

This is when you really need some sort of financial plan and security for you, your spouse and your family.

You need to start doing some research and asking some important questions.  What options are out there? Do I need dual or joint life insurance and what is the difference? How much do I need to take out and for what amount of time?  What is the best option with children? Are there additional costs involved and can we afford them? And what if you and your spouse depend on each others income?For all the answers to your questions click here.

This can be very confusing and we know that you don’t want to think that anything will happen to you or your family. With uncertainty comes worry so the least expensive thing to do is take out life insurance now. The earlier the better to create a financial safety net.

Marriage is the prefect time to start shopping for life insurance because it is when you start sharing your life and your debt together. Here is why life insurance should go hand in hand with saying “I do”!

A strong financial future starts with a solid foundation. You will have lots of things to consider going forward like kids, mortgage, bills, all other insurance policies to name a few. Therefore an untimely death can totally derail things. This is why it is so important to take out life insurance and protect your family for the future.  Life insurance is an affordable safe way to do this. There is nothing harder than taking the first step and setting your family up for their life.

Getting married is the start of a brand new chapter in your life. By taking out life insurance now guarantees that you will be safe in the knowledge that your financial future is secured.

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