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6 Apr, 2018

Compare Life Insurance Costs Online With Oomph

New site developed by Orca Financial

Financial advisors Orca Financial have launched Oomph. Oomph is an online way to compare life insurance costs. Therefore, Oomph will make the purchase of a life insurance policy easier and more convenient. Oomph promises “the most competitive prices” from the six main providers in Ireland.

Oomph.ie A New way to compare life insurance costs

Oomph.ie is the brainchild of John Molloy and Sarah McGurrin. They say that convenient site will allow people to choose when and where they consider life insurance.

“The major insurance providers regularly survey the market. The research shows that somewhere in the region of half a million parents with dependent children have no life insurance,” said Molloy. “The sad fact is that in the event of an untimely death, many families face very reduced financial circumstances. They also could end up in poverty if their welfare isn’t provided for.”

“The industry hasn’t a great track record when it comes to explaining policies. Every day we have clients totally confused as to term assurance, mortgage protection, and whole-of-life cover. Our aim is to explain the product and simplify the purchase, so that people know exactly what they’re getting and can reduce their financial worries knowing their family is provided for.”

Customers input their personal detail at Oomph.ie and are guided as to the policy type and levels of cover appropriate for different life stages.

At present, 40% of potential customers prefer to go online directly with an insurance company. For instance, people will now have the ability to find policies online. According to an opinions.ie survey, 24% would use an online broker. Subsequently, using a bank and buying by phone with an insurance company are ranked third and fourth.

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