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Health Trends of 2019

Every year, new health trends emerge and become an important part of health culture. In 2018, we saw the emergence of alternative milk substitutes, group fitness, wellness beverages, and activity trackers.

Now, around half way through 2019 we see these emerging health trends:

Eco-Friendly Packaging

This trend has been growing with reusable and paper straws to help the environment, but it’s growing in 2019. These eco-friendly packages will be replacing single-use packaging in the food industry and in grocery stores. You will start to see more compostable and reusable packaging. Some ideas of eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable bags, compostable cups, plates and cutlery and reusable boxes and bags.

Plant-based Vegan and Vegetarian Meals

In 2019, you will see a rise in the amount of plant-based foods in grocery stores, restaurants and fast food restaurants. One major event that has already happened in 2019 is that Burger King released its Impossible Whopper in the United States. This is the vegetarian option of their classic Whopper Burger. More plant-based options for vegetarians and vegans are emerging on the market. In studies, looking at plant-based diets, it has shown that eating a plant-based diet can help reduce blood pressure, treating diabetes, and improve cholesterol levels. You will see more options of these plant-based foods in 2019.

Healthy Snack Foods

In 2019, you will see more of your favourite snacks get a healthier twist. This has been a growing trend since 2018, but in 2019 you will see more and more options of healthier snacks. An example of one of these healthier snacks is organic potato chips cooked in coconut oil. You will also see a rise in the amount of refrigerated healthy snacks. Refrigerated protein bars, bottled smoothies, yogurt, hummus and more are going to be some of the new upgraded snacks you will see start to hit the market.

Online and Home Workouts

This trend allows you to get personal training from the comfort of your home. Gyms and fitness studios can be seen as intimidating situations, so people are turning to at home and online workouts. An example of this trend is the rise in purchases of at home workout machines like the Peloton or The Mirror workout machine.

Food Intolerance Testing

This trend has been around, but is growing in popularity as at home food sensitivity testing is growing. Food sensitivity and allergies have been confused with each other. If you are food sensitive to something, you can still eat it in moderation. Many at home tests can tell you these sensitivities.

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You may try one of the new health trends in 2019 to remain physically healthy, but why not try a way to remain financially healthy? At Oomph, we help our clients find the perfect life insurance policy that keeps them and their family financially healthy in case of sudden death or illness. Get your free quote today.


Health Benefits of Cutting Down on Screen Time

Because of our work culture and technology today, we spend a lot of time staring at screens. According to a Nieslen Study, adults spend nearly 11 hours a day staring at a screen. Screen time can cause health problems that you may not know about. Below are easy tips to prevent these screen time problems.

Too Much Screen Time Related Health Problems

Sleep Problems

Blue light emitted from digital devices can affect your ability to sleep. These light emissions can harm your brain’s production of melatonin. Melatonin is needed for sleep because it is a chemical produced by your body to regulate your sleep. This is usually made worse when staring at screens in the dark. Using technology before bed can also affect the quality of your sleep. This can increase your brains activity while it is trying to settle into a restful state for sleep.

Eye Strain

Too much exposure to screens of digital devices can possibly cause Computer Vision Syndrome. This can cause eyestrain, headaches, itchy eyes, eye fatigue and blurry vision.

Poor Posture

Poor Posture is another problem people who spend too much time on digital screens can have. This poor posture can damage muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and spinal disks.


Prevention Tips

Even though some screen time cannot be prevented, there are some things you can do prevent some of these problems;

Computer Glasses

You can purchase blue light glasses that reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to. This can reduce eyestrain and help improve your sleep.

Desk Chair

The desk chair you sit in at work can help improve your posture and keep you from slouching. Getting a chair with good lumbar support or using a pillow to support your lower back can prevent poor posture and back problems.

Screen Time Control

There are many apps and some phones that have ways for you to set up time controls for apps on your phone or tablets. Apple’s iOS 12 has a tool where you go into the settings of your phone and limit the amount of time you spend on certain apps. There are apps you can download on all phones to limit time.

Ban Screen Use in the Bed Room

This can help prevent you using your phones or other digital devices right before you go to bed. This can improve your sleep because you are limiting exposure before going to bed.


Screen time reduction is an important way to keep healthy. Taking these steps will help you remain physically healthy, but it is also important to remain financially fit. Protecting yourself and your family financially from sudden death or illness is a way to remain financially fit. Even if you think you will not qualify for a life insurance, we can help you find a policy. Get a free personal quote here.

5 Life Insurance Myths that keep You from Buying a Policy

There are many common myths about life insurance that stop people from purchasing life insurance. You may believe one of these misconceptions and have not purchased a policy yet. Life insurance could protect you and your loved ones in case of a sudden death or illness.


1. Because you are young, single and healthy, you do not need it.

Just because you are young, single and healthy does not mean there is no need for life insurance. If you have any outstanding debt from education loans, car loans, or other debts, when you pass away, these debts will be transferred to your estate and still need to be paid of. Life insurance policies can help pay off these debts in case of sudden death, so your estate is not stuck paying it off. If you get a policy when you are young and healthy is usually cheaper, which makes it more manageable.


2. Employer-provided insurance is sufficient enough.

This is not always the case because company provided life insurance usually only covers 1 to 2 times the amount of your salary. 1 to 2 times your salary is not a sufficient amount. It is recommended to have 10 to 15 times the amount of your salary. Life insurance policies can provide this recommended amount in case of sudden death or illness.


3. All life insurance policies are the same.

This is just not true. Most life insurance providers have many different policies for people of all lifestyles. There are policies for people with different health conditions, for married and single people, and policies for people in all stages of their life.


4. Only breadwinners of the family need a policy.

The lose of one source of income can be a harder hit to a family than it is thought to be. Just because one spouse is not the breadwinner, you still lose one source of income for your family and this can take a bigger toll than you make think. If both income earners for the family have life insurance policies, in the case of a sudden death, the policy can assure the family can live at the same standard.


5. I have a health condition like high blood pressure or asthma and will not qualify for a policy.

Serious health conditions may disqualify you from life insurance, but not all health condition disqualify you form life insurance. Most insurance companies have plans for people with health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. If you have a health condition, the premiums might be higher, but you can find a policy. Read more here.


To read more myths about life insurance click here.

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Unicef World Children Day – Setting good examples for your children’s health

Children’s health

In honour of Unicef World Children Day, we would like to have a look at how we set examples for our children’s health.

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. – Robert Fulghum 

For example, it’s great that you tell your children to eat your vegetables but don’t expect them to listen to you if you are not eating them yourself in front of them. Having good healthy habits that your children will imitate is the best health education you can give them.

From the time they come into this world, children learn how to live by observing and imitating the people around them. Children learn to process what they see and they make decisions about what to mimic and take part in certain behaviours by watching these people around them.

How to set good examples for your children’s health:


Showing your children how to have a healthy relationship with alcohol will benefit them throughout their lives. Drinking heavily may show your children that you try and solve problems in an unhealthy way. This will not improve your children’s health in the future.

Children who grow up watching their parents drink are more likely to become alcoholics themselves. As teenagers the region of the brain which is responsible for problem solving, decision-making, and judgment are not fully formed. This manifests itself in behaviours like promiscuous and unprotected sexual behaviour, rebelling against authority, and substance abuse.  Moderation, on the other hand, provides children with a good model of responsible use.


Showing your children that a healthy fitness routine is essential for not only physical health but for mental health as well. Set aside designated workout time. This shows your children that exercising is a priority and you’re making a point to instil healthy habits for you and your family. Getting your children to understand and form a fitness routine early on in life will start a habit with them. They’ll notice the importance of fitness without you having to talk excessively to them about it.

Eating healthy

Showing your children a good relationship with a healthy balanced diet can have positive effects on them for the rest of their lives.

Healthy family eating should not be simply about eating fruit and vegetables. It’s about eating a range of different foods, and enjoying treats as well. Don’t put too much emphasis on eating as you don’t want negative emotions to be associated with food. Either being too worried of gaining weight or using food as a coping mechanism.

Mental Health

You children will inevitably be exposed to stress and other mental obstacles, even if they exercise and eat healthy. Teaching your children to talk openly about their feeling and not to be ashamed if they are feeling down. Nurturing your children self-confidence and self-esteem is just as important as teaching them healthy eating and fitness habits. Different ways of achieving this are;


Single, Joint and Dual life insurance explained

Are you confused with all the different types of life insurance that is available to you? We have explained below single, joint and dual life insurance.

Single life insurance

A single life cover is for one life only. The benefit is paid when this person dies to the persons declared beneficiary. This is normally done when a death claim is filed and the death certificate is submitted.

Joint Life insurance

A Joint life is cover on two lives. This is when the cover insures two people but the claim is paid out on the first death only, there is only one payment made under this policy. Typically the payment is made when the first of the two people covered dies however some joint life policies pay on the second death instead of the first.

Dual Life insurance

A dual life cover also insures two people but a claim can be paid on both deaths. If one person dies, the policy continues in the name of the survivor. Then when the second person dies, their life cover payment is also paid out.

Dual life insurance vs. Joint life insurance

It is important to get the right life cover for both you and your spouse so if anything happens to either of you, your family is taken care of.

If you are the sole breadwinner of the family it is important to get covered in the event of your death as the loss of the only income will devastate your family. However the loss of the partner that is not covered can also be devastating in the sense if they provide the childcare and household duties you will now need to employ someone to take over that role.

This impact is a little less if there are two incomes in the household with both partners working however the loss of an income is still very stressful for the family.

It is important to get the right coverage that suits your family situation to ensure your family’s needs are taken care of. Buying Dual or joint life insurances is more cost effective than two separate single life insurances.

As explained above the big difference between the two is that Joint, only one payout is paid but with Dual two payouts’ are paid. So it depends on your life situation which is best suited to you.

Why not have a chat with us and we can advise on the best policy for you and your family.