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18 Apr, 2018

What is the best life insurance for you and your family?

Protect your life that you live today!

When considering the purchase of a life insurance plan it’s important that you consider what type of coverage may provide you and your loved ones with the protection you need at the most affordable price.

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Life Insurance Plan?

First, you’ll want to consider a few important issues:

  • Length of Coverage – How long you need life insurance protection to last.
  • Amount of Insurance – How much life insurance will meet your current and future needs.
  • Cost – What you can afford to spend each month.

Now you may ask yourself these questions and are unsure of the length of time and amount to be covered. We would recommend that you should take factors like the age of your kids and the age that you will retire. We would advise that your take your youngest child and take the policy out until they reach the age of 21 years old. If you have no children you should take the age of your spouses retirement age.

The amount to be covered should be 10 to 15 times your Net salary as a sum assured. The higher a persons personal debt, mortgages and dependents the higher the level of cover we would recommend.

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